LED Lightboxes

Why use lightboxes?
Lightboxes are widely acknowledged as one of the most effective advertising mediums available. The illumination of a promotional poster has proved far more likely to grab the attention of a potential consumer than a non-illuminated poster. This has been repeatedly demonstrated in market research.  

Why use LED lightboxes?
LEDS are virtually maintenance free and boast longer lifespans than other lighting technology. Lasting around 50,000 hours (approximately 15 years of normal usage) this is up to 50 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
LED’s are compact and lightweight resulting in slimmer lightbox units, ideal if you are trying to create a minimalist effect with maximum results.
Their robust design with no fragile parts means they can cope with vibrations and they also work well in low temperatures, making them perfect for numerous display environments.
Where is the most effective place to use my LED Lightbox?
LED Lightboxes are proven to be an extremely effective advertising tool, increasing sales and footfall in numerous high street outlets including retail stores, estate agents, banks, and travel agents. Utilise the lightboxes within window displays to increase footfall, at retail points to enhance sales and at exhibitions to stand out from your competitors. Lightboxes have also demonstrated to be a very profitable commodity to advertise promotions and special offers in airports, bars, shopping centres, nightclubs, cinemas, health centres and gyms.  Position your LED Lightboxes behind concession stands and bars, next to seating areas and in cloakrooms to accelerate customer decision making and boost sales.